Aluminums composite panel are generally flat panels which comprises of two light-weight coil coated aluminum sheets. SAS Signage is your local wholesale supplier for Aluminium Composite Panel products. Thanks to its flexibility aluminium panels can be used where other materials can't. What is an aluminium composite panel used for? Composite Aluminum Panel for outer wall decoration The upper and bottom panel adopt non-rusting aluminum panel with the minimum thickness of 0.50mm and total minimum thickness of 4mm. Aluminum Composite Panel is mainly used for external and internal architectural cladding. Sometimes referred to as ACP, Aluminum composite panels are a common building material with several uses for buildings and signage. An aluminum composite panel is a kind of divider beautiful composite material that is exceptionally mainstream. 3000, 5000 series aluminum alloy panel and PVDF coating are generally adopted. Apart from external use, aluminium composite panels can be also used in interior design. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding or facades of buildings, insulation, and signage. Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP sheet are new-age material that’s used for building front elevation (facades), interiors, signage, modular kitchen and many more. It is used in construction of … Alusign brand aluminum composite panel has passed the China Quality Certification Center 3C product certification,China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Center CTC product certification and EU safety CE certification. Its fundamental attributes are durability, incredible surface evenness, extraordinary inflexibility, and high mechanical quality. Aluminium composite panels are extremely durable and can last up to 30 years. It has various uses and comes in various kinds and thicknesses. Aluminum composite material (ACM) is a three-layer sandwich panel consisting of two pre-painted aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene (PE) core. The aluminum material should conform to the GB/T 3880 requirement. It is characterized by high mechanical strength, extreme rigidity, toughness, and superb surface flatness. Indoors, they are a popular material for home improvement projects such as splashback panels for kitchens , or as wall coverings. It is available in a wide range of colours and textures like wood, stone, sand, 3D etc. Low price and can be well shapped. Due to their combination of light weight and versatility, aluminium composite panels have a broad range of uses. Aluminium panels can be cutted, folded, drilled, bent, preforated without loosing structural integrity. Aluminium composite panel (ACP) also aluminium composite material, (ACM) is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. Main advantage of aluminium composite panels is that they are low priced and they can be cut and shapped in any size or shape. And it can be bent, folded and turned into shapes that can’t be achieved by any other material. 2. The material is made of two panels of thin, flat aluminum that are bonded to a non-aluminum center. Aluminium Composite Panels Advantages: The advantages of using aluminium composite panels are- * It is a very economical cladding material as compared to other options available in the market. Aluminum composite panel(ACP) is a form of popular wall decorative composite materials that come in different thicknesses, types, and are used for different purposes. ACM panels are an excellent material for indoor or outdoor applications that require good dimensional stability, low weight, and a sleek, brilliant look. Aluminium composite panels are very light comparing to other composite materials We have a full range of Aluminium Composite Panel products with the world’s largest category of 77 coloured aluminium composite panels. Aluminium Composite Panel.

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