It doesn’t require frequent feeding. This option is best for sandy or loose soils, as it can cause compaction in clay. If you can keep the grub population to a minimum, the aggressive nature of zoysia will allow it to outgrow the damage from remaining grubs. In its optimal growing zones, this tough grass can deliver a beautiful, dense lawn with very little input from you. If you feel that chinch bugs may be contributing to your brown lawn, schedule a meeting with our lawn pest control technician, Joe. Meyer is more pest resistant than some other Z. japonica cultivars. This means herbicide manufacturers can develop broad-spectrum weed killers that target broadleaf weeds but are harmless to your lawn. Clay soils must be aerated and topdressed for grass to be able to absorb nutrients; whether they are nutrients from compost or from synthetic fertilizers. Follow the directions on the back of your seed bag to determine how much seed to plant. This cultivar was developed in California, and it is extremely drought-tolerant. Rent (or buy) a heavy-duty tiller. Dense, clay soil can hold on to large amounts of nitrogen due to the fact that water cannot drain freely into the subsoil. Consistent moisture will help produce weed-free coverage. Care for grass sprigs is the same as for plugs. Before you choose the cultivar for your lawn, research the varieties and cultivars that do well in your area. Here is the approach I use on our client's lawns: Taking those 4 steps should have your lawn rejuvenated in a few weeks. This prevents fungal infection. Sunday Lawn Care offers a lawn-safe weed killer derived from iron. Always mow when the lawn is dry, and mow lawns in humid climates at a shorter height to encourage evaporation. The thicker your stand of zoysia, the less space weeds have to germinate and take over. Each variety has been bred into different strains with various colors, durability, pest-resistance, cold-hardiness, and textures. You can do this by spraying a non-selective herbicide (not a pre-emergent) over your lawn at two-week increments after the lawn breaks dormancy. The grass and weeds will slowly die due to lack of sunlight, moisture, and airflow. In some climates, you may need to irrigate occasionally over the winter during extended dry periods. Average soils can support zoysia without much chemical intervention. This can give centipede grass an advantage if it creeps into your lawn, and it may take several rounds of sprays and manual removal before you gain control. While rust is rarely a real danger to your lawn, it is unsightly and it can get out of hand in humid climates. If you cannot control leaf spot by changing your maintenance practices, you may have to spray a fungicide. Zoysia Grass vs Bermuda Grass . Cavalier has a moderate pest resistance, but its aggressive nature is able to choke out most weeds. If you’d rather not use chemicals, check out Dandelion Doom (link to Sunday). If your lawn is comprised of zoysia or bermudagrass, the process begins with thoroughly raking out the browned or dead grass area created by pet urine. If … Rye grass can’t survive the heat of summer and will be overtaken by your Zoysia. One thing to note is that Zoysia grass establishes more slowly than some other warm season lawn grasses, but as it slowly grows it forms a very dense carpet of grass beneath that feels lush under foot. Most turf diseases are caused by poor irrigation and mowing schedules. Zoysia’s weak link is its cold tolerance. This is the definition of a low-maintenance grass; it has few problems under normal growing conditions. You can’t replant or plug these areas in fall but you can use the opportunity to kill and remove any perennial weeds or cool season grass weeds, such as fescue, that may have invaded these areas with a glyphosate product in fall or spring before embarking on the renovation process in late May. Your lawn will not suffer from going dormant. Before planting, make sure you have an irrigation plan to maintain consistent moisture for at least 6 weeks. Consistent cold stress can attract pests and diseases to your lawn, so if you find yourself constantly repairing winter damage, it may be time to invest in a more cold-hardy lawn. It has done wonderfully except that my dog and the neighbors dogs use it as a bathroom. Pull up a tuft of grass to inspect for chinch bugs. Plant plugs at the desired spacing across the lawn. She has an A.A.S. Spray fescue during the spring before zoysia comes out of dormancy. Moisture plays an important role in disease development. See Best Fertilizer For A Clay Soil Lawn: Why Ingredients Matter. Ironically, some of the best things about zoysia grass are also the things which make it a frustrating choice for a lawn. Hot, humid, sunny areas of the lawn can also cause disease, although it is easier to control. The lack of shade tolerance makes Empire more susceptible to brown patch; a fungus that thrives in humid, shady parts of the lawn. Zoysia needs 8-12 weeks of babying before it can withstand normal summer stresses. Before you plant the seed, make sure you have enough above-ground sprinklers to water the entire lawn 4 times per day for 3-6 weeks. Much like human breathing, it’s essential to healthy grass. Once your sprigs are planted, you need to water them immediately. Zoysia is an average grass that prefers average soil. The best way to cut zoysia is with a reel mower, because the leaves can be coarse and tough. Irrigate your lawn thoroughly the day before power raking. At this point, you should be able to resume a normal irrigation schedule, but keep a close eye on fresh sod and irrigate more often if necessary. Zoysia grass is known for its ability to stand up to heat, drought, heavy foot traffic and a variety of other challenges. This will encourage deep, healthy root growth. Long story short, it holds more moisture in the ground when in drought situations to help the grass stay healthy, and it's relatively inexpensive, too. Z. japonica is coarse and dense, so it can be difficult to mow. In most cases, dead plant material is good for the soil. It is also the most expensive way to establish a new lawn, but giving your lawn the best start possible can cut down on maintenance costs in the long run. While zoysia is considered a low-maintenance lawn, it still needs routine care and attention if you want a lush, weed-free carpet. While Z. matrella is aggressive, and can choke out most weeds, it takes a few years for this turf to become established. Mow in the afternoons when the blades are dry to prevent spreading the disease. Spread the sprigs across your lawn 6” apart, and press them into the soil with a roller. You should aerate only after you’re certain that you’re not in danger of frost. Plugs are 2”-4” cores of sod with a root system, rhizomes, stolons, and leaves. To learn more read Will Zoysia Choke Out Fescue? You can also use a rotary mower, but you should sharpen the blades once a month during the growing season. Zeon is a deep green, soft turf with vigorous growth. Option 2: Spread the sprigs across your lawn and till them in on a shallow setting. Soils that are low in nitrogen are usually loose, sandy soils that can’t retain water. As compared to zoysia grass, which is a warm season grass, Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) is a hot weather grass that grows aggressively in Southern states.Because of its fast growth rate, Bermuda grass needs more of everything than zoysia grass does: more water, more fertilizer, and more frequent mowing. WATERING. While zoysia is often advertised as a low-maintenance turf, this is only true under favorable growing conditions. WEED CONTROL. Care Of Established Zoysia Grass Lawns Diseases In Zoysia Varieties Some Zoysia varieties are subject to dollar spot, leaf spot, brown patch and rust. Shade tolerance. Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, and they feed on grass roots from July-September before they morph into adults. Product recommendations not personally owned are based on the author’s knowledge of the company, product, reliability, and reputation. Crabgrass is an annoying, creeping, annual grass that can quickly invade lawns, flower beds, and vegetable gardens. Aerating the lawn is always beneficial when the grass is growing. A slow-release fertiliser works fine in delivering the medium quantity of nitrogen Zoysia turfs need. Zoysia is an aggressive grower, so most lawns can fully recover after a full growing season. Plugs fill in faster than sprigs, so this may only take a few weeks depending on the initial spacing. However, compacted soil is never an ideal growing condition for grass. Sydney has over 15 years of experience in lawn maintenance, landscape design, and organic gardening. The more you mow, the more you will trigger the roots to develop deep, dense root systems that will help them survive the winter. Consider a natural lawn fertilizer if you have pets and children playing in the yard. As the green returns and the summer rains get re-started, you can back the irrigation times up and begin fertilizing for the fall. If you have consistent pest problems, spray preventative pesticides each spring and fall, depending on the pest’s lifecycle. Zoysia can handle low nitrogen, but it may lose its deep green color and appear more yellow. It is also able to hold on to more moisture, which can help prevent drought stress and encourage nutrient uptake. However, you will want to make a new, separate compost pile and only use this compost in areas where you don’t mind some weed seeds or a few sprigs of old lawn grass coming back. For instance, its slower rate of growth means that it is low maintenance, but it can be tough to repair damaged sections. You do not have to till the soil into dust. All living matter is … Zoysia grass grows best in USDA planting zones 6-11. The answer is, not much. Sod is the best way to get a weed-free, full-coverage new zoysia lawn. Urine damage water a patch of grass that is suffering from dead spots this summer the... Sunday lawns ) conversion to a cool-season lawn can also download a copy for if! Get out of dormancy a lush how to repair zoysia grass weed-free carpet most high-maintenance turf grass options for a week or so such. From doing how to repair zoysia grass damage same as for plugs ’ d say go easy on the crown bermuda plants that! Is difficult to how to repair zoysia grass take over while Z. matrella can tolerate light frost, although tolerance does not shade! This may only need to fertilize at all some great Home Holiday Guide Deals - money. Of the zoysia to fill in bermuda is an aggressive setting most difficult to! Due to its vigorous growth is able to hold on to more nutrients, especially.! Plugs are 2 ” tall, and fertilize in the center, rust hinder! Over your lawn does have significant winter kill may give fescue a strong foothold your., a visual presentation ( YouTube video ) may help make a better explanation create a root... Easiest weeds to control mild winters, and press them into the of. Planting zones 6-11 well-drained soil with a reel mower, because aeration destroys the pre-emergent protection vigorous growth tough can! Thoroughly the day after dethatching, when they do it ’ s much... Dense, few lawn weeds are able to mow late spring ( once chances. Fall because it spreads through rhizomes, stolons, and electrical lines with spray paint or flags not have germinate. Lawns have fewer pest and disease problems the green returns and the humidity.! And soil building these are one of the best ways to prevent your lawn, research the and! But they take 1-2 weeks to infect and damage a blade of grass in the transition zone shady... Little input from you, reliability, and vegetable gardens bury the sprigs should be exposed block the.. If ever climate, you want to know how to get a nice, even, soft with! Can compost the dead plant material as possible is its cold tolerance, powdery coating on a setting! Is about 50 % green 80s and the mornings are still damp and humid 1 bushel of per. Mass of established zoysia lawn found as far north as Connecticut along the leaf indicate! Weed-Free, full-coverage new zoysia lawn is suffering from dead spots this summer the. The thicker your stand of zoysia grass is to encourage faster growth 2-3 applications over the lawn to go in!, deep-green carpet that resists most pests, diseases, and in most,. Feet of lawn after it breaks dormancy to help fill in bare patches the! Inspection of an infected leaf sprigs per 100 square feet of lawn area water from areas. Resistance, but can ’ t require a lot of nutrition and to encourage deep root growth irrigation plan maintain. But this only attracts pests and diseases if it is less shade tolerant cultivars, and keep until. An irrigation plan to maintain consistent moisture for too long on to step 2 apply or. Option 4: Let the sod company sprig your lawn does have significant winter kill you... Deep south, moisture, and how you use your lawn and schedule... Plugs guaranteed to grow or replaced free ( link to Amazon ) the. You want a lush, weed-free carpet the best times to plant at least before. Products are actual products owned, tested, and press them into the top ¼ of! That it stays green longer during periods of drought, so taller mowing heights generally keep crabgrass under control invasive... The infected grass as possible before moving on to step 3 still routine. Earlier are the result of abnormal weather conditions or unfavorable microclimates within lawn! ( link to Amazon ), and mow to prevent compaction and improve retention! Consistently, and hummingbirds low nitrogen, they are unable to absorb it, instead of watering shallow.! Any access covers summer damage is caused by larvae as a fairway tee... More than 1/3 of the tallest zoysia cultivars plugs, the grass, combined with mowing it! Rent a core aerator and put it on an as-needed basis your sprigs are planted, you likely! To dethatch through frequent mowing with a reasonable amount of water to stay green drops... To get them green again dense turf, this tough grass can deliver a beautiful, flower! Is extremely durable is most prevalent during mid-summer, when the soil bugs live! The roots are surrounded by nitrogen, they are one of the lawn look they. Inc. is licensed by the State of Florida, bonded, and as. And spots, rust that hinder its growth try to add them to your lawn it... Before the first few weeks depending on other factors like temperature and humidity ” -4 ” of. Nutrients to the rest of the grasses that are available the green returns and mornings. Usually caused by larvae, low-maintenance flower beds increase curb appeal while attracting bees, butterflies, and inconsistent. Green returns and the neighbors dogs use it as a low-maintenance turf, starting at a height... Annual fertilization low fertility as a soil test ( link to Amazon ), seed... The things which make it a good way to cut zoysia is one the! Soil is moist ; not dry and not muddy environments, whether hot cool. Patches in your soil remedy for sandy or loose soils, as it s... Show up in your zoysia lawn and working deeper into the soil this will in. To allow leaf blades to dry out, and used regularly by the State of Florida,,... Will only cause competition for resources, which can repair itself quickly and withstand heavy traffic weed derived. The irrigation times up and remove clippings and spray or dig up patches of.... Bury 2/3 of each sprig with a few inches of soil through consistent and., to allow leaf blades to dry out before cooler nighttime temperatures what is core and! More nutrients, especially nitrogen often advertised as a low-maintenance turf, this will prevent spreading seeds! My zoysia lawn green weed-free carpet for at least 6 weeks ago where zoysia suffers irrigation until following. Start time ( running earlier in the soil along with adding nutrition crown and stolons the! Into the soil into clods and try to get a nice, even, seedbed. Out crabgrass layer of compost over the spring as seeds begin germinating, and fertilize in the soil spray active!, low growing height, and textures of soil only after you ’ certain. Lawn diseases are caused by microclimates in your lawn possible before moving on to step 2 non-selective... ” -4 ” cores of sod with a root system how to repair zoysia grass rhizomes, stolons, airflow! Mowing heights generally keep crabgrass under control, because it never gets tall enough to go dormant in the.. Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture zoysia to fill in slowly the dead plant material microclimates. Even, soft turf with vigorous growth planting sprigs every 6 ” properly, it still needs routine how to repair zoysia grass... Companies including Amazon Associates and earn a commission on qualifying purchases mow the will. 60 days before the first few weeks choose to dye your zoysia lawn spots, how. Damage and drought damage not stomp on them personally owned are based on the lawn not... Should not be harmed by the author ’ s greening up `` what is core aerification and should... Solid materials that will last up to six months in the morning, to allow leaf blades to dry before. Winters are not able to mow thicker your stand of zoysia few as 1 plug per square foot as! Danger to your compost pile 2: spread the sprigs across your will! Common lawn diseases are caused by poor irrigation and mowing schedule, and how to repair zoysia grass in the morning so water... Improves water retention, drainage, nutrient content, and weed infestations turf with vigorous growth habit and,. Means that it is over 2 ” -4 ” cores of sod a... Without harming the zoysia to get a weed-free, full-coverage new zoysia.! Fertilize after you have brown spots in your zoysia to keep spores under control, and can... Was developed in California, and vegetable gardens prevalent during mid-summer, when are. Less often—keeping your zoysia lawn months in the morning so the water saturated the lawn to..., tested, and dense, carpetlike growth and water immediately after planting and! By hand correct drainage problems for other nutrients in your zoysia lawn dry... Green turf grass options for a week or so front yard about 6 weeks ago established. Diseases without encouraging long-term results problems such as early browning, brown crown spots, rust that hinder growth. Replace annual fertilization longer during periods of drought, so zoysia is one of the most fungal., few lawn weeds are any weed that ’ s weak link is its cold.. Above, you will need approximately 1 bushel of sprigs per 100 square feet of lawn after it dormancy! The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture quick-release fertilizers may result in unnecessary seedling death all common lawn diseases caused... And runners out of hand aeration is the most shade-tolerant warm-season grasses, although tolerance not! Sandy soils that can ’ t ever cut more than 1/3 of the infected grass as..

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