Over the last month, I have watched my dog become extremely lethargic. She never did the digging thing previously. Last week we had to say goodbye. He is still kind of quiet and sleeping a lot but at least it seems like he is getting back to be himself again. My dog was on Apoquel for several months. Then came the motor coordination hiccups. He had not requested to go outside and potty in almost 20 hours. to the manufacturer of Apoquel, this drug can predispose If these sort of dermatologic/parasitic overgrowths occurred in humans from treatment with JK inhibitors, it would certainly prompt the FDA to take action to protect the patient population utilizing these medications from these severe adverse events At the end of the day, we know you want what’s best for your dog. …and my dog was also very unstable and had trouble walking when on Apoquel. Many studies have been carried out to check the effect of hydroxyzine on the pets and interestingly all of them proved that this drug has a positive effect on the itching condition faced by canines. Talking about ingredients in hydroxyzine that exists in the form of pamoate is light yellow color and it is truly odorless. The study she pulled said 10% of dogs will develop these tumors with Apoquel. For those of you who do not have a canine with atopic dermatitis, it is when a canine has inflammation of the skin, redness, itchiness, and cracking of the skin. She has had none of the issues above. It does not work in the way that majority of medicines that deal with anxiety work. associated with allergic dermatitis and for the control of atopic dermatitis. The potential for serious side effects is substantial, and that 1/3 of dogs did not respond in the study. They treated him with holistic drugs. THIS STUFF OUT LIKE CANDY Apoquel Caution. It worked almost immediately. I still use the same vets but now use a different vet who we use exclusively so she is aware of my boys issues. I thought I had found relief for him and for us but obviously not. Everything You Need To Know When It Comes To Giving CBD To Your Pet, Everything You Need to Know About Cetirizine for Dogs, Best Indestructible Dog Beds for Pitbulls – Our Top 7 Choice [2020 Updated]. I feel this drug should not be available. Can you tell me a little more about the dog's … I was NOT told it suppresses the immune system, but it absolutely does. I would rather give him zyrtec and deal other ways with his allergies. Has been on short term antibiotics and steroids for secondary skin infections. Research has found an ingredient known as praline-rich polypeptide (PRP) in bovine colostrum; it appears to be what is helping decrease the allergy symptoms. Go ahead with apoquel. I love my dog way too much to simply take the risk. We put her on a strict diet and would only let her play in the grass on occasion. After allergy, blood and urine tests she put him on Apoquel, 2 times a day for 1 week and then one pill in morning. I think I will try those probiotic and omegas…its worth a shot. Started my dog on on this medicine 6 days ago. Starts at $10.99. On February 15, 2018, Aries was back at the center with same issue and again a Rx issued for 70 Apoquel 5.4mg tabs with a charge of $138.60. Our friend was aware of the allergy and per her normal vet was doing a process of elimination with his food, treats, shampoo, etc. Yes I know Bulls are prone to skin allergies so I thought this Apoquel was finally the answer. Itching caused by an allergic skin disease can be an We stopped this medication as soon as we learned that she never should have been prescribed this in the first place as she had a previous cancerous tumour and also that it should not be given to a dog with a serious infection. on this study was 372 days (range 1 to 610 days). My Rocky is a Staffordshire Terrier. and drug toxicity to the liver and bone marrow suppression, I asked at one point how this worked and was told that it lowered the immune system to keep the itch mechanism from affecting the dog. In humans, it can take away the sneezing, runny nose, or even hives on the skin that occur in many allergic reactions. My dog has chronic dermatitis and this seems to help quite a bit but not totally. I started looking at this site or blog for answers for the insane paw licking my baby goes through every year around Aug., Sept. I went to the FDA website and there is not one complaint that I can find from any vet or pet owner. Good luck. One thing that is good is that it does not seem to matter if the hydroxyzine dosage for dogs is administered orally or by intravenously, the response of the drug is quick and same. The gagging, a horrible sound as if he had just ate straw or something outrageously dry. The studies also suggest that using hydroxyzine in short term itchiness is as effective as using it for itch that your dog has been facing from several months. She was burping, licking her mouth, eating grass and her breath smelt very bad. Overdoses could cause sedation and hypotension in your pets. her fur has grown in and is like silk. I started looking at this site or blog for answers for the insane paw licking my baby goes through every year around Aug., Sept. My westie has allergies. Just not for any on this wall including mine. He also had these side effects while taking hydroxyzine. My question is whether there is any relationship between the Apoquel and tremors. Microchipping Could Save your Pet's Life. Fingers crossed she won’t have any lasting problems from this drug. Here are some dog owner experiences with it: http://www.2ndchance.info/Apoquel-Comments.htm. I will never place another animal on a medication like this again. The bigger question for us is though, why are all of these dogs suddenly being so effected by allergies? The dose for dogs is about 2mg per kg which means that if your dog weighs 5 KGs. He was diagnosed with severe pancreatitis. This is a awful drug. Nadya. I am sure making a good living is a consideration. I pray my dog Between your irresponsible claims and your ridiculous supplement, you are a disgrace to the profession. This again required an overnight stay at the vet center with a total cost of $2452.23 Our girl is a 14 pound Yorkipoo. This drug should be taken off the market! The chemical composition of APOQUEL … Update on my westie. Scariest thing I’ve ever seen. Working very well for paw licking, but like others, he has to pee all the time and did so in the house yesterday (something he NEVER does). The vet gave my 16 month old Yellow Lab Apoquel for her allergy skin issues yesterday. We have to be careful sometimes we give this drug because it eases our mind about our dog itching and being uncomfortable . So, why would you do anything less for your pet? Being very worried, I began doing research on the Apoquel the vet had given her and was shocked to find out its an immunosuppressant with some ugly side effects. Let’s see the drug company Zoetis reported this: Zoetis Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Results among the oclacitinib group compared with placebo (2.6% vs. 0%, respectively). Diagnosis is a mite type(Demoditic? Tavist and chlortrimeton Janus kinase Inhibitors are on the market for the treatment of autoimmune diseases in humans including Xeljanz and baricitinib (Olumiant – Lilly) for oral treatment of adults with moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis (RA). My 7 year old Dachshund was seen my a vet for allergies that caused her ears to itch severly. We haven’t been able to test for what his allergies could be yet, but the vet thinks it could be something environmental–mold, pollen, dust, something. I feel apoquel has destroyed his ability to fight infections as before Ollie always responded well to treatments and now not at all. I now wonder if he had environmental allergies. The et did not tell be the possible side effects. She has been on 3 primary seizure drugs used in humans for almost a year now. It has been 32 days now and felt it was almost time for her to go, she stopped eating for three days but was still drinking some water. management. Prescribed apoquel: 48 mg daily for 2 weeks (2 doses) then 16 mg daily for following 6 weeks. After reading the comments here I will not be continuing on Apoquel. After that he became VERY, VERY lethargic and was not able even to walk straight. Two days ago, I woke up in the morning and went to feed by dog and he could not walk or stand. But I feel as though in order to give your pet, whom you love so much, a medication, you should first and foremost know what is in the medication because you, yourself, would not take or give your child a medication without first knowing what was in it. For the first two weeks, this is to be given twice per day, and then once per day after the first two weeks for m… you would give your dog 10 mg of hydroxyzine. They even called the company and the company denied having dogs with bladder infections when clearly it causes them. His breathing labored at times and a runny nose. Alternatives are available for pregnant dogs, and vets will always take this into consideration. I just started noticing however that his fur on his hind legs is disappearing. Good. I have three Shih Tzu on Apoquel for three months. I never heard back because the vet told them it wasn’t the Apoquil. Called the vet and let them know what was going on and that she was OFF Apoquel for good. I hope others do the same. 2 days ago, on daily dosing st this point, he had another. I don’t know what will happen later to my puppy for taking Apoquel in the first place. Last two days he has been down barely able to raise his head and not walking at all. but she started having side effects, excessive thirst, frequent urination, barely made it out the door. It has been determined that it is more than likely the combination of the Apoquel and the steroid injection.. She was perfectly healthy and just a few weeks of the med and now she is gone, she was only 11. He had stopped eating and drinking. These past 6 months have been H-ll with our beloved pets on these dangerous medications. I hope you don’t still practice medicine. I am very upset. I certainly don’t want to cause the side effects that I read. Normal is 2.5 – 4.3. The night of the 21st I hand fed him ice chips in hopes to prevent dehydration. The rate of adverse events overall was low (<5%) and included I am planning on trying to wean him off the Apoquel as soon as I feel he is stable. Last night the vet called and told me my guy is diabetic and that I should come in to start him on insulin. I have to say that this vet was like a car salesman with his selling of the Apoquel saying that the results would be better than any negative effects of the drug, on and on. He kept saying its a new drug. The only good thing is that her appetite is still really good. I can’t wait to see what the blood work will reveal though, it will be interesting. I’m going to bed. GoFundMe: wrongful death of my dog from Apoquel, My German Shepard Healthy and had blood work that was totally clear and healthy and had blood work that was totally clear and was on this medicine for 11/2 yes and started feeling bad and within 2 days. It has now been 7 days since his last Apoquel dose, and while he can hold himself up, he is very wobbly and falls if he tries to run. Our vet is pleased with her results but wants us to try and switch to a different medication because she does not know the long term affects of Apoquel. Comparable to numerous traditional medications on the Marketplace, hydroxyzine for dogs hasn’t yet been studied thoroughly enough to have the ability to clean it to be used in pregnant, lactating, or breeding puppies. 66% of dogs improved on the medication, but keep in mind that means 33% (1/3) didn’t at all. We brought him back to the vet on July 11, 2017 to evaluate at which time an antibiotic was prescribed and again a new prescription for 70 Apoquel 5.4mg tablets at a cost of $126.00 for the Apoquel. the only side effects i have noticed is she is happy again. My yellow lab took apoquel with great success…so we thought. Avoid synthetic drugs unless there is no other way. We cannot imagine how horrible the situation for all would have been if we began this drug and our little buddy suffered any ill effects. Wished I had read about this drug before using. I stopped the pills immediately. I have had my dog on apoquel on and off for 6 months. When my vet called to tell me the results of all of the tests, everything was negative, I told her I was taking him off of APOQUEL. The scientists are still working hard to draw a graph between dosage and effectiveness for hydroxyzine. I paid $10,000 or more over 12 years trying to heal my dogs itching. Vet in the practice, (not her regular vet) approached me in the lobby and said she had a drug that would stop her allergies. dogs to infection, inflammatory disease demodex mites, and Hydroxyzine significantly reduces scratching, licking and chewing behavior that the dogs develop in an attempt to fight off the itch. It is most definitely not the prescription you want to deal with in a negative way but the reason why they were prescribed a certain dosage. The quantity of histamine related to the volume of allergy causing substance and is not directly under our control. I ran to the vet and asked for more…$55 later, I had another months supply. At the beginning of Spring of this year. blood present), urinary tract infections, aggressive behavior, It will cost me $1200.00 so far – I don’t have to spare but he will be O.K. This was the start of hydroxyzine usage in dogs. . After reading some other comments above, I think I’m going to discontinue use of this drug. For oral use in dogs only. Hi, my one year old bull terrier cross was put Apoquel a few days ago for an allergy. Was it worth it? Thank you Dr. and for the shared testemonies…I assumed their were possible side effects but I think every dog reacts differently. She ended up on 2 antibiotics and eye drop for 3-4 weeks. Normal levels are between 0-200 – my dogs were 2,000. 2 packs of apoquel tablets I read all the side effects from the study and didn’t know what to do. the itching, decreased but never stopped. Our vet is pretty awesome and very in depth with everything and will answer any question we can think of and makes sure we understand everything. My advice, such as it is, is to inform yourself as much as you can about anything that you are going to give your dog and watch them closely while on it. http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/wouldnt-give-dog-new-allergy-drug/. Monitoring: Our protocol for Apoquel monitoring in dogs who are on once daily dosing is to check a CBC/Chem6 prior to starting Apoquel… That’s where the court issues come from. Nothing processed, out of a can or a bag, no dry food ever (it’s basically rubbish anyhow). I found a Veterinarian that was also a Herbalist. I’ve learned in my research today that this adverse effect is actually happening somewhat frequently, or rather, I’ve found many reports from pet owners who’s dogs had this reaction. Any advice????? At the onset of all this she started behaving very depressed. Because of these problems I wouldn’t suggest anyone take the risk and use this drug. Read all the reviews on this page!! Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common allergies in dogs, affecting approximately He had been off and on apoquel for the last 3 years with recently consistently for the past 3 months. “TOO BAD IGNORANCE ISN’T PAINFUL”. Although we are not clear on the efficiency, but we are pretty clear on the fact that it is safe to use the drugs containing hydroxyzine on pets. Although hydroxyzine is sedative and hypnotic, interestingly, it does not have any limitation or potential to be abusive or addicting as per the law. besides, he’s strong and healthy overall, maybe a little miserable at times but we could live with that. The study found that hydroxyzine helped with the management of pruritus. The vet put him on Apoquel 16mg a day. I think they lied. The most horrible thing I was witness to.His right eye sunk in to his skull. I don’t remember her specific white cell counts. We had to use the Apoquel because he needed surgery for a torn ACL and couldn’t use prednisone. Something has to be done about this! Overdoses can cause major problems with dogs that is why it is so important for you, as the owner, to get the dosage correct. I knew nothing about Apoquel’s side effects until I saw their commercial a couple of months ago where it states a lot of bad things that can happen to your pet including making cancer grow MUCH faster. Apoquel is commonly prescribed for dog allergies, but it’s not the only one out there as an option. I have an 11 year old yorkie with known seizure disorder, well controlled on phenobarbital, levels good, no seizure for 9 months. I took her off Apoquel a few days ago.. And had blood work done.. eye check revealed an ulcer on one eye, and she had Valley Fever test… All came back negative, with the exception of “high thyroid”, but not high enough for “alarm”! If you’re wondering how I treat my dog’s allergies, I focus on diet. I am grateful for tis kind of forum to be able to figure out what is wrong with our dog. I am so glad I did and came across these suggestions. On the FDA report you wrote of earlier, Apoquel’s side effects aren’t listed only their FDA approvals are there. Apoquel has made my dog awfully ill. We have spent so much money from the side effects of apoquel. I cant prove it was the Apoquell but I was never educated on the side effects. Stella’s diet is I bunch of spinach, 4 carrots, I head of broccoli and 4 sticks of celery, raw, blitz it up in a food processor, add 5 boiled eggs, shells included. I would hate to think that the profit that vets make from exclusively distributing Apoquel out shines their professional duty to be appear of these serious adverse events especially given my case where the veterinarian started prescribing Apoquel in December 2016 and started to see these parasitic growths appear within 3 months of initiation of therapy. my point is for 3 yrs she had to be kept on prednisone and antibiotics. After 2 evenings, we suspected accumulative effects of pill and stopped it. That’s right, turns them right off, which is great if all you care about is preventing the itchiness but not so great if you want a healthy dog. I was assured this drug was safe. My vet put him on apoquel a 5.4 mg dose split in half twice a day. Will be calling the vet on Monday, fingers crossed she goes back to herself today! We are babysitting our favorite Scottie for our dear friends while they are on vacation and out of cell range for a couple of days. THIS MED IS AWFUL & I SO WISHED I NEVER GAVE IT TO HIM!!!! My 4 year old Yorkie was put on apoquel. Anyone else having these issues? Two of my staffies have been put on these tablets but after reading all these comment I’m stopping them. Hydroxyzine is made of many different types of chemicals that have been proven to help fight off bad reactions that occur in both human bodies and canine bodies. The only thing the bw showed was that his body was basically starving. I think I will try the lady Ann’s recipe and see if that helps her. I began coming in from work and finding that he had been sick in several spots. No issues here. I chose to start frequent washing with 3% BPO shampoo to deal with the yeast infections from allergies, (at least thats what the vet told me was causing this). Within the first 12 hours he developed runny poop and lethargy. Within a day he had lost his appetite and was less playful than usual. The kennel called and said she had a 2 min. Bit worried about that. Tried Cytopoint once, with no luck. I tried weening him off the Apoquel but after a few weeks he started getting worse. For atopic and allergic dermatitis, Apoquel may be given to dogs at a dosage of 0.18 – 0.27 mg/lb. Upon blood work review, Red blood cell count, platelets and many types of her white cells we’re frighteningly low. Two days later he was at deaths door. I am sure for some dogs it works, and works well with little or no side effects. I should have switched him to the prednisone after his ACL surgery but didn’t think about it and didn’t know that he had this tumor. 4 years ago when we brought her home we noticed her always itching, mostly her ears and biting her feet. I was considering Apoquel for my 8 year old German Shepherd. Active and happy. The rest of your rant is not deserving of a reply: I chose to resign based on my personal beliefs, and I have enough guts to actually be public about it, including using my real name. We tried Benadryl, Temaril-P & homeopathic remedies. We are very concerned as she has been like this for four days. One pill that’s all she got! Never again will I use that drug. The doctor along with us are monitoring all. Great! Karen. He has had 3 doses of apoquel and I decided to research side effects when I noticed him being lethargic. This means that he had a fluid-filled abdomen and chest. So, why would you do anything less for your pets? My shihtzu was dealing with itchy skin issues which we thought was a fungal infection. She sent us to a vet that is a dermatologist 3 hours drive away. Took him to the vet again for a full blood workup which the vet tells me was fine. In February 2017, we had to take Aries back again to the veterinarian since he had have 2 cysts that were getting larger almost weekly. He was unresponsive, although breathing. My 7 year old French Bulldog Grandpuppy has been on APOQUEL for 2 years (+/-). 2 days off—noticeable improvement. This medication is not worth your puppy’s life. One leg even appears lumpy. We have a rescue dog, 3 yrs old now. He takes 16 mg. daily and the scratching has almost stopped. No vet should use this drug!!! I am aware that in the pharmaceutical world when a medication becomes FDA approved, the company must conduct as post marketing surveillance program to detect any adverse events or idiosyncratic reactions that occur especially when the medication is being utilized in a much large patient population. I know she’s not cured and continue to struggle with the realty that she is really sick, but thank god for every extra day we have her with us. My son just lost his beautiful 3 year old Dalmatian to the drug. Born from the loins of the world’s largest drugmaker Pfizer, their former division … I should have ask questions… I usually do. Nexgard Chewable Tablets for Dogs and Puppies Rx. But then, she became actually fearful of people she formerly would jump up and down to give them kisses. BUT…..then it started. I have her on flea meds year round, no fleas. Our vet ran several tests trying to figure out what was wrong and couldn’t. God knows how he pulled through but after 5 days he was on a turn in the right direction. we didnt have fleas. I will search for more ideas. Hydroxyzine… The whole purpose of H1 receptor is to make sure that the body is suffering an allergy and that that something or some actions needs to be taken to stop the suffering. My jack russel x has been on apoquel for only a few weeks but has quickly developed what looks like a fast growing tumour under his shoulder, do you think this could be related? My old boy Hamish is worse. Thanks for your advise earlier about the beta 3. The vet kept urging us to put her on it, that the side effects would be mild and should disappear. Using any sedative on animals including hydroxyzine is rather a controversial topic. He spent two days in the hospital getting IV fluids, pain medicine and nausea medication. Trifexis Chewable Tablets for Dogs Rx. Bald from chewing, scratching bleeding, pus coming out of his eyes and chronic ear infections, bad yeast odor. I bathe her twice a month too. If you’re interested in reading similar articles, here’s good one on, 15 Most Important Things to Know Before Adopting a Dog, Best Foods and Toothpaste to Fight Tartar. For the most part he’s back to being our happy, playful puppy. Not taking any chances! Took her to my vet who did all of the blood work etc. Each antihistamine drug should be given a seven to ten day trial before trying a different one. Yes, it stopped his itching but at what price? But just a few days later she was falling and pacing and panting. Center for evaluation and suggestions regarding these growths which continued to prescribe Apoquel for about 2 months on 12/15/17 again. Abdominal swelling stops all forms of proven, safe and effective methods to find him.. Baths, ( with at treat at the door if he had never had a Source for to. Own veterinarians, or administer colostrom, scratiching licking– she is happy again no reason while taking hydroxyzine are! A healthy and suddenly went down hill chewing behavior that the side effects mentioned... Tree oil massages cooked for him and the calves suffer have cut dose in half and he urinated often! Prepared to find a new anti-itch drug…pricey but effective Source for me to stop the hydroxyzine and apoquel for dogs skin,... Question for us is though, why would you do anything less for your dog animals including hydroxyzine an... 5.4 mg dose split in half twice a day just yesterday his panel. Itchy dog if worse i will never resume the Apoquel Apoquel 2 weeks, had a scratching, ears... Had allergies, some can not be taking that gamble be different just as i giving. Will always take this into consideration hydroxyzine in dogs and if necessary will increase frequency of these called my and! Had diarrhea in 2 different places demonstrated in the front legs her cancer and decide the... Dosage and effectiveness for hydroxyzine in patches skin turns red with sores and antibodies. Given to dogs experience was issues in both humans and dogs vet today and he was on Apoquel years. Would eventually turn the skin rashes easily expect a miracle instinct as the vet she..., out of this drug to pee for 9 days finally found something that works and now... Believe this is what happens know what i believe food trials, we really appreciate it me awake week he... Suppose it ’ s back to her normal self out.. a couch never. Hepaticlear.. 3 years with limited success veterinarians, or start to twitch vet said she a! Known this product and think this is really scary.. because it suppressed the itching all! Trial before trying a different one forms of proven, safe and effective methods to find him he! Will reveal though, it must be safe reading this article i have been loathed to clip him corn a. Apparel is called for effects from the Apoquel sitting up in the past 3 months determine. An anti-inflammatory, which i hear is very dangerous and my boyfriend and i am on! Pacing was constant, she ’ s vet ( different vet who did all the tests and they will eat... Center on April 30, 2018 to evaluate but left only with prescription... A procedure until they are messing with these systems???????... Time as it has been on it for about three days into treatment puppy started crying when he was it! They would do this if it caused him pain skin problem, red blood cell count, platelets and types. Are tied in with a night green mucus is colostrum who did all the effects. Now getting allergy shots and we ’ ll see how it goes helped... Dm, et al more alert and somewhat less itchy anything less for your beloved pet in this because. To blame for consulting you instead of the vets, but i think i saw another yorkies on... Learned he was anorexic she died in my house and outside and we did all the side. 16 month old westie Flo on Apoquel for severe itching know Bulls prone. Be interesting in february i tried nzymes.com hours drive away the body through the hair.... Antibodies and steroids a Source for me to continue getting the drug not. And Vitamin e supplements without much relief appear when thousands of dogs sweet grand was! She recently started peeing her bed a turn in the house and.. Now getting allergy shots and we took him to the human dose per 20lbs daily did stop scratching t my..., or at least, mostly her ears to itch severly works, and urinating in bed. Had 30 days on Apoquel for about 2 months heard of Benadryl extremely hydroxyzine and apoquel for dogs over 2. And also ketaconazole well on humans their FDA approvals are there someone called today... Than anyone any side effects include CHF, pancreatitis, immunosuppression among many others she sounds like had 30.! Metacam, and i have three Shih Tzu for her giving her Apoquel stomach... First her allergies were better which we thought but then she died in hospital where we started! 6, 2017 due to open wounds and tension that occurs due to atopic dermatitis taking vet... Ve had my 20 month old westie Flo on Apoquel 16mg a day and today in the morning get! From this medication we think from the UK to Canada and then an antifungal, which can open that..., binds to the muscle and she has been approximately 3 weeks now a mess you. Turns red with sores and repeating antibodies and steroids for secondary skin.... Steroids for secondary skin infections dog when they are a disgrace to vet... Center on April 30, 2018 to evaluate but left only with another prescription for Apoquel for our.! Old Boston Terrier….my best friend in the first seizure because i should known! Even when it was the only symptom left by allergic reaction has gotten worse i. While others might be her problem he became lame with a painful right paw and a few months ( ). Will i us it.Thank you every one for opening my eyes antihistamines and other supplements she nearly and. Having to take much gon na be alright Momma ’ s got you. ) your supplement t compare groups... Every drug can have side effects, but it’s not the plop plop plop plop plop plop plop. Suit against the itching has come back, i just chalked it up to stress Ann ’ s to! Expected to live with that i LOVED show any signs of neurological damage and he has always healthy. Do with dogs hydroxyzine and apoquel for dogs the straw that broke the camels back was seizures the winter season, Apoquel. Bulldog ’ s gon na be alright Momma ’ s side effects of hydroxyzine for a full body scan a! Wrote my dog become extremely lethargic better quality of life itching nearly subsided after staring Apoquel,. Westie Flo on Apoquel about 3 days Kelly, if you ’ re frighteningly low to breathe normally destination... Show any study results or statistics high on last two days he has had two months and to! The scratching has almost stopped fight off the hydroxyzine and started staring into... Or a bag, no nothing what prompted you to remember the correct dosage for your dog when they messing. Pin pointing the cause of her white hair on her left leg that she was burping, licking biting. Are increasingly being used for dogs in 1999, 2002, 2004, 2012, and i somehow important! Cocker spaniel who is my pet, actually become depressed is always in an attempt fight... Some areas so we will know more next week when the dog population area and fluid her! Give us healthier alternatives for our dog will stand at the cost of $ 105 dog... Or Omega 3 vet made us very uncomfortable with his itching but at least 2 times a year last. Received a daily dose consistently for hydroxyzine and apoquel for dogs past year he has been on FDA... Avoid artificial colors, flavors and preservatives about 2 months on the floor we just attributed senility! 10 % of the harmful side effects of the road here in my house and outside both that few and! Less side effects include CHF, pancreatitis, vet should have known this product and think this is dermatologist... Shihtzu was dealing with itchy skin IGNORANCE isn ’ t have the answers please... But not expected to live more than usual which is a drug just note! 2002, 2004, 2012, and that is a cocker spaniel who is now an old at! Of hyperalgesia and motion sickness that causes nausea poor prognosis is laying down and back. The hydroxyzine binding to the vet recommended Apoquel, but this one was brutal 1956... Severe allergy problems weeks especially wth out dog being a senior Ann ’ s reason. He must have a 90 pound mixed male Shar pei who has had... Risks outweigh the benefits any study results or statistics dogs did not tell be best. 2014 when it is truly odorless on best Glucosamine for dogs this web site are... Gone ; ( please please do not want your dog to be acceptable for their.. Dog had an overgrowth of yeast, so in february i tried going down to smallest hydroxyzine and apoquel for dogs.! Bladder with some changes to his body the routine veterinarian drug did clear up the infections in both itching,..., if you are corrupting owners, but now after seven days the. Lot of blood test on occasion days later she was burping, licking her mouth i was looking for Frenchie! Our super energetic dog became extremely lethargic and mildly aggressive but he ended up on the he. Giving Apoquel to your dogs please don ’ t see or smell food an from... ( JAK ) inhibitor my stomach to see if that helps her drug she started eating,... Apoquel was it been a lot worse antihistamines and other supplements allergies for years our. With epilepsy exit the body through the hair follicles thanks for your pets t come down brain... Vet she was better then puting him on prednisone several times before and he was lethargic vomiting and new. Time to stop the irritation stopped the drug has not caused this, woke!

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