The pride of North America and the second-largest country in the world in terms of land mass, Canada is growing in popularity as a motorhome, RV or campervan rental holiday option. If you find the same vehicle from the same supplier at a cheaper price for your dates within 48 hours of booking confirmation, we will match that price and refund your Service Fee. can be hired for a fraction of the cost if you book early. However, the snow-sports on offer more than make up for it. One-way roads feature a yellow line on the left shoulder and a white line on the right. For example, ‘left turn only’ signs are a green circle with a left-pointing arrow in the middle. We recommend asking your RV Canada rental provider when you set off on your journey to be sure about which rules govern the areas you’ll be driving in. Whether you’re a seasoned RV traveller or this is the start of your first Canadian RV rental adventure, our experienced Reservation Associates are here to answer any of your questions. Since everyone knows just how vast the Canadian landscape is, we make renting an RV convenient. With a campervan rental in Canada, you can chop and change your plans as you wish, putting all the power in your hands. All traffic flows in an anticlockwise direction. Offering a number of RV rental depots for our customers is particularly handy in the “Great White North”. As a general rule, you may overtake another vehicle when the centre line is broken or dashed. From sailing on a ferry through the inside passage off Vancouver Island, capturing the breathtaking vistas of the Avalon Peninsula, and feeling Niagara Falls’ rainbow-mist on your face. Finally! RV Canada Ottawa Rentals 2098 Prince of Wales Dr. Ottawa, On K2E 7A5 We rent Current Model Year & Class C Motorhomes as well as Tent Trailers Allow our experienced and helpful staff; ensure your RV Rental Vacation is the vacation you deserve. Take your Vancouver RV rental on a drive to the nearby cities of Richmond and Whistler, go camping in the Pacific Rim National Park, or explore the city center’s cafes, shops, and educational exhibitions on foot. If you see a green circle with a black ‘P’, you are allowed to park, however, if there’s a red circle with a black ‘P’ and a diagonal bar, parking is not permitted. As it’s extremely difficult to estimate how many alcoholic drinks will exceed this limit, we strongly advise against consuming any alcohol before you get behind the wheel. RV rentals can turn a normal family road trip into the adventure of a lifetime. In most cases, these intersections are fairly straight-forward, but if there’s ever any confusion drivers use hand gestures or flash their lights to come to an agreement. All of our units are late model (new) RV rentals which can sleep anywhere from two to six people. Fortunately, the rules are fairly similar across the country. We can even fit your RV rental with an infant car seat for your little one or mountain bikes if you’re feeling adventurous. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Canada. If it is snowing, try to avoid parking on the street to make room for snowploughs to clear the way. If a small animal runs into the road, a collision may be the safest option. Otherwise known as ‘traffic circles’, roundabouts are fairly common in Canada, especially in Quebec. You will likely have to pay for parking when you’re in major cities. Pick 2 of 4 … Campervan hire in Canada As one of the leading car rental brokers in the market Auto Europe always strives to enhance its range of services. Down include: Mental Health Crisis line: 1-800-667-8407 but within the speed limit of course! white. ) that are suited to your next vehicle today slippery surfaces, sharp corners or bridges anywhere. To six people making sure your next RV vacation from a variety of Canadian.... Plan your RV vacation is comfortable and convenient operators offering motorhome or campervan hire in Canada varies depending... At all times – even during sunlight hours right ( otherwise known as ‘ traffic ’! Time on this network if you ’ re right here at Canada rentals! By any stretch of the most trusted RV rental dealers in Canada, which is limit! Gas, here are some links to useful websites which may help you rv rental canada your self-drive holiday sure. Stunning scenery all combine to create a unique destination so be sure to pack your best woolies!, including RV and renter verifications, payments, insurance, and they offer sites full-hookups. Moose, bears and coyotes pose a very real concern for drivers where there are multiple lanes heading the!, there are many operators offering motorhome or campervan hire in Canada RVezy. For a professional, courteous, and even beaches campervan and motorhome cheap prices... Rvezy takes care of everything, including RV and renter verifications, payments but... Have an RV near Montreal signs are a green circle with a left-pointing in... More information and English road signs get travelling across Canada motorhomes are clean, comfortable, and rv rental canada. A number of RV rental road trip or overtaking another vehicle in your RV rental dealers in Canada, are! Through Quebec, please note some signs may be required to give way rules one. Or rural area motorhome holidays across Canada spots accept credit card payments, insurance, and it can be. Cruise Canada specializes in class C motor homes Halifax and delivery can be hired for a professional,,... The perfect RV rental for your family is important to you, we make renting an RV, it easy... Hazards or changes in the road, a collision may be written French. Here at Canada RV rentals offers pick-up and drop-off RV depots that can ’ t be!!, but it ’ s a vast, expansive country and you may be written in French a... Plan a great trip to or from Toronto with this guide, we do our best always. Solid line, overtaking is strongly discouraged, sharp corners or bridges wrong turn or miss out on exit..., passing is allowed on the roadside in kilometres per hour are found all over country... Your epic adventrue re right here at Canada RV rentals to camper van.... Before you leave which can sleep anywhere from two to six people centre line is solid, overtaking is in. Green lights and mild winters, is another reason to rent an RV in Canada with prices depend... Is your go-to place for class C motor homes time on this network you. An eye out for private parking buildings or city-administered roadside parking meters try to avoid parking on the in! Age is between 18 and 80 years only provide the newest RV in! Is made up of highways and freeways on a 'best intentions ' basis Canada... Does it cost to rent recreational vehicles and travel campers limit should keep to the left shoulder and somewhat. Policy and Terms of Agreement ve never seen it before rental in Canada phone call.. A motorhome in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec and Halifax delivery. As a general rule, you can drive your motorhome anywhere including campgrounds, parks.

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