Nov 7, 2019 - Korean, Romanization, and English lyrics of 'Goblin' album by SULLI. Goblin saw Sulli try to take on the difficult task of explaining the experience of someone with a dissociative disorder. With Sulli's passing, I feel I should share my thoughts on this single. Check out Goblin on Amazon Music. Track list "Goblin (고블린)" - 3:13 "On The Moon (온더문)" - 4:15 "Dorothy (도로시)" - 4:00; Video links "Goblin" music video. Possibly the most powerful collection of singles in existence. Looks like, this time, Sulli participated on the artistic direction of Goblin (at least on the songs lyrics and the overall visual identity of the album/video), so, it wouldn’t be more appropriated to analyze it less like a product (kpop in a nutshell) and more like a actual piece of art? f(x) were the first K-pop group I fell in love with, and I had always admired Sulli for her talents and versatility as a celebrity. Sulli has died in a suspected suicide. Sulli was a South Korean singer and former member of the South Korean girl group, f(x). Her first solo album, Goblin, was launched in June this year. Can't even come close to imagining what she must have gone through on a day to day basis with the hateful messages she was receiving online. It was released on June 29, 2019. rest easy <3 so strange that it's already been a whole year... Sulli donde sea que estés espero que estés mejor mi ángel

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